It’s our best attempt at a vegan offering. 

RUGID 20 quart snow

Sheltered Valley Coffee Company

• Northernaire Light Roast Coffee (8 0z)
• Marty's Medium Roast Coffee (8 0z)
• Showboat Dark Roast Coffee (8 0z)

• Two, yes two, RUGID 16 ounce non-spill tumblers.

You said:
What type of beans do you use?
Meaty said:
You said:
No, I mean like what type of coffee beans? Where are they from and such.
Meaty said:
Not going to lie, we don’t use coffee beans at all. We use green beans.
You said:
I don’t appreciate your humor.
Meaty said:
Nobody does.

Caffeine Dream

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